Introducing Polar+

Fast, precise protein analysis, bundled in a strong drug discovery platform. Launching Soon.


At the atomic level

Polar+ finds the best binding sites on a protein by comparing binding energies at every atom. Not only does this provide more information for further kinetics modeling, but it also helps in the incorporation of subtler, electromagnetic effects between atoms. This also means that our tool can help complete protein-ligand and large protein-protein models with little setup time. Read more about our methodology here


Real Quantum Devices

We model atoms on real quantum devices, and have worked with IBM's and Rigetti's quantum computers, as well as Microsoft's and Xanadu's quantum toolkit. This means we can provide the modeling of real quantum effects much more intuitively, and potentially faster than other classical computers. Know of a quantum device we are overlooking? Send us an email at


Built to scale today

Polar+ can process 1 protein when connected to a desktop computer. Or 40. Or 40,000 when connected to a larger server. Our software is built to be scalable for various quantum computing and classical computing resources, because we know results cannot wait for the perfect setup. Read about our work with binding analysis with the SARS-COV-2 spike -ACE2 receptor complex here.

About us

If and Only If (Iff) Technologies is a small company from Northern Califronia focused on the development of new software that can help to improve the development of biomaterials. Our work began in 2019 with a survey of quantum biological work , both theoretical and experimental, that showed the emergence of a new philosophy around how we think of biological systems, one that was physical and chemical in nature as well. This inspired us to build products focused around this philosophy, and is core to the development of Polar+ and future product development.